December 27, 2016

This time case is a Xiaomi Smartphone ( Redmi 2 Series ) which locked by Mi Account also known as " Mi Cloud ". Before we practice how to bypass " Mi Cloud " we should know what is Mi Cloud ? and what is it function ?
Mi Cloud which embedded in MIUI Rom is a virtual drive as backup files on the device. Just in case , when we do factory reset or wipe the data, if the previous application messages, contacts, images, notes and more has been syncronized with Mi Cloud, then when we log in Mi Cloud. Automatically all deleted data can be retrieve, precisely recovered . So it is not much different from Dropbox, Google drive, and something like that.
The difference is when the device is automatically synchronized with Mi Cloud . That device inadvertently delete or is reset, the device will be locked by Mi account and won't open if the owner forgot the password of his account.
But,don't worry . Today Vtiga will share to you how to unlock the device that locked by that Mi Cloud.
Files needed :
1.Redmi2 Firmware that was on MIUI version.
2.Fastboot Driver
3.Mini and fastboot file

Steps to Fix :
1. Once the files mentioned above are ready, the downloaded firmware need to be extract

Then after the extract result will be like this :

2. Once extracted is done , copy some files from the extract result as an example image below

Then copy to the mini and fastboot folder as shown below :

Then input the commands to flash through cmd.exe

a. Fastboot flash boot boot.img

b. Fastboot flash cache cache.img

c. Fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

d. Fastboot flash system system.img

e. Fastboot flash userdata userdata.img

After the command completes, restart the device and wait until the system finishes booting a result the device has entered into MIUI 6, and the device is not locked by Mi Cloud anymore.

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