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Your Laptop Slow and very long start up is a problem that does not just happen on an old laptop. It often occurs in the new laptops . According to you why something like this could happen ? This could be caused by a disruption in the hardware (hardware) or software part (software). Examples disorders software part can be damage to the operating system (OS: Operating System) which is triggered by the application that contains Virus.

Slow Laptop characterized by the slow start-up process is prolonged, normally your laptop takes about two to three minutes for booting process to deskstop screen. But, if your laptop is slowed down this process will take a very long time more or less in the top ten to fifteen minutes, or even more.
This problem is very annoying is not it ?? especially when we are required to report on its work or complete other work that requires us to use our Laptop.

Here is a common diagnosis of why it could happen to your beloved laptop.
1. Capacity Memory installed is not enough.
2. The application destroyer, Virus, and the like.
3. The number of software applications that are listed at startup windows.
4. Hard Drive Damage

After noticing some common diagnoses above we will going to the solution of the problem.

For the first step, we can check the memory capacity is still available on our laptop.
Because the remaining memory capacity is too little, or even nearly full can cause start-up process is relatively longer than the duration should be.

Things like this are generally experienced by early-generation laptop. For Operating System Windows XP should use the Memory (RAM) at least 1 GB f
for Windows Vista / Windows 7 Memory (RAM) at least 2 GB,
and for Windows 8 Memory (RAM) 8 GB. Therefore, your laptop will operate smoothly and normal.

Next step, we'll observe the virus attack. Is our beloved Laptop infected by virus or not ?
Because the virus can significantly slow down the performance of our beloved laptop.This event usually occurs when it got to the desktop menu while the previous process has not gone completely and as it should be.

In this step, we need an Anti-Virus Software which is qualified and economic. You don't need to spend a lot of money to obtain Anti-Virus software nowadays.You can try some anti-virus software such as Avast , Avg , Microsoft Essential Security , and many more. But if, a malware infected your beloved laptop. I recommend you to download "Zemana" Anti- Malware Protection. You can try out Zemana for free for 15 days since you installed it on your laptop. You can found this software by using Google search engine. And , it's Free trial anti malware software. If you find it useful for yourself you can upgrade your service to premium service ( pro ).

The next step is to check the number of registered software at startup. If you haven't know how to check it, don't worry just follow the instruction below :
• 1. Click START -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Run
• 2. Once Run is already open, type MSCONFIG and then click OK.
• 3. Then go to the Startup tab, and uncheck some apps that are not important.
• 4. When done selecting, click OK and the dialog box will appear to Restart. Just click Restart.
• 5. And the process has been completed, now only a few applications in the check which will be run at startup or the first time the PC is turned on. Hopefully, your computer is not slow anymore.

And the last step is checking the damage to your Hard Drive. For this matter,You should replace your damaged hard drive to a new hard drive. If evidently your hard drive is damaged. But, somehow Hard drive is not readable due to over-heat ( Excessive heat due to continuous use ). In this case, hard Drive can still be used. But , Hard drive performance is not going as smoothly as the original condition.

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