How to Dismantle LG G4 smartphone
December 27, 2016
December 27, 2016

The Competition between smartphone vendors today are not only focused on the sector's performance speed of their flagship gadgets. The most frequently seen part as screens now has become one of hardware part must be considered to be developed, so asn't to be left by his loyal fans. Apple today introduced The latest generation of iPhone screen which are called " Retina HD Display " screen.

What is Retina HD Display ? Retina HD Display is terms of Apple to call display technology which makes the human eye able to see pixels in the display screen. It's interesting right ? But, Whatever it's brands how good their quaility a sophisticated smartphone could have been damaged. Don't you agree about it ?
See the picture below !

In the picture above shows the iPhone 6 does not display the screen as they should be. What happens to the iPhone 6? If we look Physically , most people would have guessed that the iphone LCD is damaged. But , Vtiga Technicians ever replaced the iphone LCD with a new one and the outcome remained similar ( still blank ) < br /> Note the picture below !

Pictured above is a series of schematic display of I-phone 6 connector that we are going to check .

After traced and checked, Vtiga technicians found a break point in the legs (28) which connected to the display ic.
Note the scheme U1501 / IC schematic circuit following Display

The breakdown of these pathways become the sole cause of the loss of views on the iphone. The next step should be done is to ascertain whether the severed lines located on the PCB or broken lines are located in the circuit in IC Display. By using a mainstay stance, VTiga technician can make sure that the path is not a path that broke on the PCB, but the path is located on the IC. So that the iPhone can return to normal, the next execution is to replace the damaged display IC.

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