I-phone 6 ( Blank ) Repair Trick
December 27, 2016
December 27, 2016

This Vtiga Mobile Phone Technicians Training Center, found out a damaged Advan T1B series. when we try to open it , the screen stuck at Advan Logo, Then we tried to restart the phone but nothing changed it stuck again on Advan Logo at the screen. The type of this damage also called as fails to boot that is where when the android will boot up process and enter the boot process and failed to get into the system, or also known as bootloop.
For this kind of software malfunction , we need to do flashing execution on the phone. This Advan T1B is using Qualcoom Chipset . So , we need special tools for this flashing operation.

Files needed :
1.AdvaN T1B Stock ROM which converted as raw image
2.Qualcoom USB Driver
3.Hdd Raw ß Flashing tools .
Flashing Step :
1. In a state Off , press volume up and volume down simultaneously with followed by connecting the data cable to the PC, and see if the device manager is already connected
2.Make sure detected "Qualcomm USB Diagnostic Hs-9006" at the port

3. Then open the tools HDD RAW

In the "Please Select Source" is that we are asked to enter the firmware in the form of RAW had to double-click "FILE" Double Click to open files "and navigate firmware img shaped like in this picture.

In the "please select TARGET" we are asked to choose Qualcomm MMC storage then click "Continue" to enter the flash process
Once in this section, click the "Start" button to begin the flashing process

If this warning appears just select "Yes"

The flashing process will run wait until the end

Ok flashing is already 100% complete , When you see this notification . The Advan T1B should be working normally again

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